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Avoid questioning colleagues: Where are you? Where are you heading? IneTracker transforms noisy smartphone sensor data into trips, events, insights and more

Control, Transparency

Real-time position based on GPS signal Wifi and cell phone towers

Task Assignment

Dispatcher or system registered tasks distributed to app users

Event Alert

Sending position based, unique events like arriving to client site


Protection of property and personal safety can be increased with GPS tracking

Remote Management

Central governance of devices on a web based interface

Custom Settings

Configurable parameters to change application behavior

Effective Solution

Measure and learn

No need to buy a separate tracking device. IneTracker GPS mobile app is up and running after simply installing it.

Privacy is in Focus

Respect and protect the right to privacy

The app can be turned to personal mode with a simple switch by the user at any time. In Private mode no location data is sent for the IneTrack system to keep personal life private. The remote management of this switch is also an option if business process requires.

Transparent Operation

Increase transparency of workflows

The application provides a real-time insight for coworkers' movements and the actual status of their workflows. This makes it easier to coordinate the operation of the company and get a comprehensive overview of what's actually happening on the field.  

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