GPS Tracking &
Analytical Platform

We help your organization become data driven

IneTrack BI

We combined our data-driven location based services with popular BI solutions to get a complex analytical platform

Configurable Workflows

Create custom rule-based automated workflows, like travel expense settlements and work hour reports. 

Digital Transformation

Old-school, paper based travel administration can be changed to end-to-end digital experience.

Custom Reports

Custom reports can be easily and effectively delivered thanks to our system archistructure.

Cutting edge technology

Our system based on a microservice architecture which make it flexible and scalable.

Professional Support

Our well-trained colleagues are following the latest technological and business trends to give you uptodate service.

Fast Return

Your investment in system implementation recovers usually in 6-12 month thanks to the quick and easy installation.

Designed for your business processes

Control and Transparency

By setting custom rules, complex workflows can be controlled with minimal administration and human resources.

Business analysis

Custom workflows and reports

Our platform has been specifically designed to handle large amounts of data, manage complex workflows, handle set of rules. We provide in-depth analytics and also support analytical tools.

Why do our customers use it?

Information from Data

Turning raw data into useful, valuable information

Better Decision

Improving decision-making processes with fact-based systems


Process optimization for more transparent, controlled operation 

Cost Reduction

Reduce business travel and administration costs

Transparent operation

Follow the rule-based workflows on map and in useful reports

Reliable Source

GPS coordinates are highly reliable, accurate data sources

Trusted by leading companies

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IneTracker mobile app is free to download and try. Test it yourself! 

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