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Our privacy focused GPS tracking solutions empowers
the productivity and transparency of business processes


Our service is based upon our own developed position processing platform on a distributed system architecture. This provides the basis of our spatial business intelligence solution.

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Our main goal is to provide the best solution for your business quicker, based on data-driven decision making. 

IneTracker app

Free GPS tracker application for any Android device. Records the route, speed and the distance made.


GPS tracking system optimized for Small and Mid-size Enterprises. Help to better organize your fleet and boost your team productivity.

IneTrack BI

GPS tracking combined with business intelligence solution transforms into a complex analytical platform.


Our mission is to highlight what’s important and help you to navigate through the data jungle.

Data Processing

The recorded GPS coordinates are transformed into routes and addresses. These are than extended with additional properties (eg. sensor data) and those can be visualized on a map. Our smart data storage solution supports customers' custom analytical needs inside our platform.

Data Visualization

Data is the company’s most valuable asset. Huge amount of data is generated day-to-day so it’s not easy to understand the trends and find the connections. Here comes data visualization into the picture. In a graphical representation of data it is easier to recognize patterns and to understand the story.

Data Analysis

To focus on the relevant thing is crucial. In the world of automation where the machine-learning systems makes real-time behavior analysis and fraud detection possible the accurate and trustworthy data is a key factor. Measure and learn - this is the basis of data-driven decision making. 

Custom Development

If you may need a custom solution for your unique needs to match our product to your business processes you can ask for our professional service. The Dev team will do the proper planning and proposal after the assessment. The customized functions are developed using agile methodologies with continuous iteration with the business.

Cutting Edge Technology

We get the maximum out of the data.

Our development team closely follows technological trends and by adapting those we can serve effectively and with complete certainty the changing needs of our customers. Our cloud-based, distributed, microservice architecture makes it possible to have a high-availability and scalable service for all our customers whether they are big all small enterprises.

About Us

As an agile team it’s essential for us to recognize and learn what is relevant for our customers

How We Work

Our agile team is ready for continuous improvement.

We do love our job, the continuous improvement and new technologies. Keeping a good personal relationship is key for us as well as open and honest communication. This leads to a trust based, effective communication. The quality and efficiency of the product development is guaranteed by the agile methods used (Scrum, Lean-startup).

Who We Are

We help your company identify new opportunities.

Inepex was founded in 2007 for software engineering. As the name suggests - International Electronic Position Exchange - we are engaged in providing spatial services. Our team of 15 can serve your business with more than 10 years of experience in programing and 5 years of successful cooperation with large companies.



Budapest based Inepex brought the same buoyancy as in today's popular web services with it’s IneTrack solution. Combining straightforward setup and the ease of subscription system.


We work with the Inepex team on a groundbreaking mission where besides professionalism and understanding of the customer's needs, mutual and flexible cooperation is the key to our work.



1054 Budapest, Honvéd street 8. Hungary


IneTracker mobile app is free to download and try. Test it yourself! 

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