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Inepex Starter Kit

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Getting started

We provide two options to try and learn how Inepex platform works:

Virtual demo & Android GPS tracker app

Virtual demo & Android GPS tracker app

After registration, you can check a lot of features with a virtual demo tracker. We also provide an Android tracker application to track postitions with your phone. Limited functionality is available only.

Starter Kit

Starter Kit

With this option we provide a vehicle tracker, a personal GPS tracker and a customizable system where you can test all administration features as a GPS tracking business owner. The system will be set up on your domain, using your logo and brand colours.

Want to try?

Virtual demo & Android GPS tracker app* Starter Kit
You can try the basic GPS tracking services Available Available
You can test limited functionality with a virtual demo tracker Available Available
You can track your Android phone (Google+ subscription required) Available Available
Online documentation available: Available Available
You can try all the white label administration features Not available Available
We provide a customizable personal system on your domain, using your brand & colours Not available Available
You can track a person and a vehicle with GPS trackers Not available Available
Additional services available (SOS alerts, EngineOn events etc.) Not available Available
Technical support Not available Available


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* Only for testing purposes. Data will be deleted every month.